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When it comes right down to it,all people can do when they come together--all we have ever done since the first clan collected outside the first cave--is to eat, sing songs, and tell stories. That's it. We can dress it up and change the menu, add electric instruments and video imagery, but we're still just eating together, singing songs, and telling stories.

It's not what we do, but how we do it that makes any one gathering more connective and meaningful than another.
In the how of things lies the
heart of the people involved--and the involvement of the Spirit too. Recognizing this, we work to create a safe space, a warm environment in which everyone and anyone can come and be a part without preconditions or expectations. So when you join us, just come, share some food and music, and tell us your story.

Look here for details on all the gatherings at theeffect--both regular weekly gatherings and special events.

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