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In our Recovery Gatherings, many speakers have joined us to share in either their personal stories of recovery or to teach about the process. Here are some selected messages of all types and styles including messages on each of the 12 Steps of AA from a spiritual and scriptural point of view. Speakers include Pastors Dave Brisbin, David Hickman, Jeff Jones, and Chuck Smith Jr.

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jerome scott
jerome scott | 02.09.10
A wonderful testimony, colorful and humorous, of a man's journey from addiction to freedom. Jerome Scott speaks to our Tuesday Night Gathering of his upbringing in South Central LA to his life in sobriety and spiritual liberation some 50 years later.
audio [mp3] | duration: 50:23, size: 8.9 mb

hero's journey
dave brisbin | 11.12.08
Exploring the repeating story of the hero's journey throughout all of the world's literature and mythology as the basic shape of our spiritual, psychological, and emotional journey through life. The reason stories like the Odyssey, the quest for the Holy Grail, the Wizard of Oz, and even Star Wars all have the same shape and plot points is that they are mirroring every person's experience in life. Understanding that each of our lives is a hero's journey, a quest for the Holy Grail, is to understand the nature of the gift of the Father's love that is always as close as our own backyard, as intimate as the ruby slippers we already wear.
audio [mp3] | duration: 30:45, size: 5.4 mb

seeing the truth
dave brisbin | 07.08.08
Truth is, we're not always ready to give up our misery--it's the one thing in life we can count on, that no one can take from us, and over which we have at least that much power. But until we let go of that illusion, we can't embark on the 1st Step of AA.
audio [mp3] | duration: 22:31, size: 4 mb

new life, new marriage
jim and whitney w. | 07.01.08
A married couple tells their personal stories of recovery and their meeting and marriage to each other--through each other's eyes.
audio [mp3] | duration: 36:50, size: 6.5 mb

taking responsibility
david hickman | 06.17.08
About recovery and responsibility and the relationship between the two.
audio [mp3] | duration: 41:35, size: 7.3 mb

dave brisbin | 06.10.08
As in skydiving, we're already falling--have been since birth. When will we stop gritting through life and begin to enjoy the ride?
audio [mp3] | duration: 28:40, size: 5 mb

taking a breath
david hickman | 05.20.08
Looking at our impulses for instant gratification and how that plays its part in the choices we make and the quality of our lives and relationships. The choice and the practice to delay our gratification, to take a breath and pause at critical points in our day to day lives can have a profound impact on our ability to navigate new directions in life.
audio [mp3] | duration: 31:35, size: 5.6 mb

story of hope
barry n. | 05.06.08
Personal story and experience.
audio [mp3] | duration: 38:52, size: 6.8 mb

pink cloud
bob b. | 04.22.08
A bit of Bob's personal story and the attititude he now has of life looking through new eyes.
audio [mp3] | duration: 18:31, size: 3.3 mb

underestimating the opponent
jeff jones | 04.01.08
Part-lifestory, part-message, the process of recovery is so big, it's easy to underestimate the level of difficulty involved, and Pastor Jeff was able to give the group some solid tools to work with as they work with each other and God through the process.
audio [mp3] | duration: 44:27, size: 7.8 mb

full circle
david hickman | 03.18.08
The cyclical nature of the Steps and recovery.
audio [mp3] | duration: 35:06, size: 6.2 mb

about surrender
david hickman | 01.15.08
A look at the 1st Step of AA by Pastor Dave Hickman that focuses on the need for surrender using excerpts from Eric Clapton's autobiography as illustration.
audio [mp3] | duration: 39:15, size: 7 mb

first steps
dave brisbin | [01.08.08]
A look at the 1st Step of AA that highlights the need to confront our own powerlessness. The realization that Jesus also taught a first step--the same first step of coming to grips with our dependency on God, brings the first step into sharper focus for all of us.
audio [mp3] | duration: 22:44, size: 4 mb

the samaritan
david hickman | 12.18.07
Bringing the Good Samaritan to life as an analogy for bringing recovery full circle back to lending a helping hand to those in need.
audio [mp3] | duration: 45:53, size: 8 mb

the gift of the magi
dave brisbin | 12.11.07
Using the story by O. Henry of that same name to lead us, in the the Christmas spirit, toward what it really means to give ourselves to others--and what that means toward our experience of Kingdom.
audio [mp3] | duration: 27:02, size: 4.8 mb

the boatman
michael t. | 12.04.07
A beautiful metaphor for Michael's journey through recovery.
audio [mp3] | duration: 19:50, size: 3.5 mb

engaging relationship
dave brisbin | 11.13.07
Recovery in life becomes real when we begin to love the process of living and loving in engaged relationships.
audio [mp3] | duration: 31:13, size: 5.5 mb

david hickman | 10.16.07
Life and recovery are all about the changes.
audio [mp3] | duration: 30:47, size: 5.4 mb

your worth to god
chuck smith, jr. | 10.02.07
A warm and heartfelt encouragement about our worth in God's eyes.
audio [mp3] | duration: 33:30, size: 5.9 mb

amending what's broken
dave brisbin | 09.11.07
The 9th Step of AA is much more than just making amends. It's about learning to value the precious nature of our relationships.
audio [mp3] | duration: 25:03, size: 4.4 mb

thy kingdom come
dave brisbin | 07.10.07
In the 7th Step of AA, just as in the second line of the Lord's Prayer, humbly asking God to remove our shortcomings is praying for God's Kingdom to be made real in our ives.
audio [mp3] | duration: 27:47, size: 4.9 mb

entirely ready
dave brisbin | 06.12.07
To be entirely ready to have God remove our defects of character in the 6th Step of AA yields some unexpected connections to Jesus teaching and actions in life.
audio [mp3] | duration: 41:34, size: 7.3 mb

identity gift
dave brisbin | 05.08.07
Pitched toward the 5th Step of AA, but deals specifically with what it means to be a follower, to be identified with God.
audio [mp3] | duration: 29:57, size: 5.3 mb

working the wilderness
dave brisbin | 04.10.07
Centered around the 4th Step of AA, dealing with the reality of working through the wilderness, as Jesus did, toward spiritual wholeness.
audio [mp3] | duration: 27:41, size: 4.9 mb

thy will be done
dave brisbin | 03.13.07
Examining what it really means to turn our will over to God in the 3rd Step of AA.
audio [mp3] | duration: 25:28, size: 4.5 mb

being here
dave brisbin | 02.13.07
Coming to believe in a caring higher power in the 2nd Step of AA requires a conscious practice of being present to the present moment--really being here. Because it's only here and now that we'll find any contact with the Presence behind the higher power.
audio [mp3] | duration: 29:02, size: 5.1 mb

the truth about power
dave brisbin | 01.09.07
In the 1st Step of AA, don't try to give up your power--that's impossible. Only try to see the truth. What truth? You have no power.
audio [mp3] | duration: 27:57, size: 4.9 mb

the whole 12 yards
dave brisbin | 12.12.06
As in the 12th Step of AA, how do we know when something is full? When it is overflowing all over everyone near.
audio [mp3] | duration: 29:53, size: 5.3 mb

present prayer
dave brisbin | 11.14.06
Examining the real nature of prayer and meditation in the 11th Step of AA.
audio [mp3] | duration: 30:51, size: 5.4 mb

seeing again for the first time
dave brisbin | 10.10.06
Learning to see ourselves and life and our place in life with fresh eyes as if for the first time every day is the heart of the 10th Step of AA.
audio [mp3] | duration: 32:27, size: 5.7 mb

breaker of boundaries
dave brisbin | 09.12.06
When relationships are broken, new boundaries--unhealthy, dysfunctional boundaries--are set. Jesus was master at breaking down the unhealthy boundaries and space between us. Learning those lessons is a key to the amends of the 9th Step of AA.
audio [mp3] | duration: 27:00, size: 4.8 mb

making shalom
dave brisbin | 08.08.06
Making lists of people we have harmed in the 8th Step of AA is only effective when we have become willing to make shalom--the greatest possible health and wholeness--a reality in all the lives around us.
audio [mp3] | duration: 27:50, size: 4.9 mb

from fear to love
dave brisbin | [04.18.06]
We often think the opposite of fear is courage, but courage is only the ability to act in the presence of fear. The opposite of fear is perfect love. Moving our lives from fear to love has everything to do with everything, including the fearless inventor needed for the 4th Step of AA.
audio [mp3] | duration: 27:54, size: 16.4 mb

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